Recruiting employees for your organization! What should be specified & what not to be specified in the recruitment process.

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In today's buoyant economy, many businesses & companies face a lack of human resources. It is not rare to see companies with high turnover rates & proactively recruiting new employees at the same time.

When recruiting employees, there are definitely regulations on what kind of information that must be stated out for the candidates to see & consider, such as the type of job, designation, which industry, wages, working conditions, etc. In addition to these, labour legislation also determines on what type of job descriptions you cannot list.

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When the time comes to evaluate our employees, what should we do?

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When the time comes to evaluate our employees, what should we do?

Employee evaluation. One of the hardest things to do when your employees are your key assets. When the time comes to evaluate them, you would want, to tell the truth without hurting their morale or motivation.

The key point when it comes to establishing evaluation standards for your employees is to make sure your expectations of them are well acknowledged & clear to them.

When the expectations are well received, they will clearly understand in terms of how you would want them to perform their daily tasks & what you would want them to achieve. Having that in mind, we would like to share a 3-step plan that we found most effective:

  • Establish evaluation criteria & standard for each industry, department & designation
  • Convey evaluation scorecard results to your employees.
  • Survey & get feedback from your employee's understanding of their evaluation.
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What is the best management method to motivate employees?

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What is the best management method to motivate employees?

The most common practice we found when it comes to improving motivation of employees in any industry is to raise the salary or enhancing their welfare benefits.

These are of course effective to some degree, but even with the increment of salary or enhanced welfare benefits for the employees, the utmost important question is whether the employee feels the work that he or she is doing on a daily basis has a sense of accomplishment once completed; as their main motivation factor when they come to work every day.

In this write-up, we will share the 3 key factors that we found during our survey which would potentially raise your employee motivation levels at work.

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What do you need in your day to day employee management?

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What are the employee management styles of an SME/MME/MNC? How do you manage employee data given the resources that your company has given you? What do you think is the best & effective way?

You may already have a payroll software in your company but there is a chance that you may not have heard of any HR management software that enables you in managing your employee database & profiles.

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Is there a need for a specialized HR department in every organization?

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In most cases, many startups or small and medium enterprises do not have an HR department. Instead, often times the director or the manager will hold the concurrent position and responsibilities as the HR person managing everything. That made me think about the answer to the simple question of "Is there a need for a specialized HR department in every organization?"

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